A gift from mother nature

In Northern California, where the waters of the Pacific yield to the steep inclines of the King Mountains, exists the most diverse microclimates in the world. The patchwork of hot and cold, humid and dry, is home to countless ecosystems where a vibrant community of plants, animals and humans thrive together.

Humboldt County is home to some of the most complex cannabis strains in the world, which are rich in the healing compounds of major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Inspired by the rich plant diversity and the remarkable human-plant relationship, the hmbldt team set out with a mission to create the first strain-agnostic cannabis blends that deliver targeted health benefits.

Wherever we go, our heart and soul remains in Humboldt. We are inspired by the symbiotic relationship between man and plant and are dedicated to delivering health and happiness through safe, targeted and effective formulas delivered in precise dosages.

In California, we always begin with sustainable farms in Humboldt County. We have long-standing relationships with many farmers in Humboldt. If you’d like to talk with our product and science teams, or our production partners, about working with hmbldt contact us here.

About hmbldt

hmbldt was founded with the goal of creating the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant. Science has proven that cannabis provides functional benefits such as sleep aid, pain relief, euphoria, energy, and relaxation. hmbldt has determined the exact balance of cannabis derived compounds to create targeted products that deliver a consistent response, while controlling the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects.

Our commitment to safe, targeted and effective cannabis based medicines also led to the development of our proprietary delivery devices, designed specifically to deliver a precise dosage of our formulas each and every time.

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E: info@hmbldt.com

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Our team

Matt Seashols

co-founder & board member

Matt is an experienced sales and team leader who has started a series of successful technology companies – including LCN Technology, Landmark Global, iGoals and Urban Tag.

Samantha Miller

Chief science officer

Samantha is an internationally recognized biochemist, founder, and Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics Laboratory, a renowned cannabis analysis facility. As founder of Pure Analytics, Samantha merged her 20+ years of cannabis cultivation experience with her extensive scientific, product development and business background. She is responsible for the development of unique techniques in cannabis analytics, research and strain isolation.

Mike Seashols


Mike’s experience includes work with some of Silicon Valley’s largest public organizations, emerging high-growth businesses, and various startup companies. His career combines a strong mathematics and engineering background, significant assignments in both sales and marketing roles, and numerous CEO & Chairman positions.

Jeremy Green

chief operating officer

Jeremy has spent over 15 years in electronics design and manufacturing, operating companies that specialize in custom designed electronics for commercial and industrial applications. Prior to joining hmbldt, he spent five years creating innovative vaporization technologies for advanced dosage control and reliable medical grade products for consumers.

Derek McCarty

vp of marketing

Derek has over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising. Before joining hmbldt, he served as the business lead on brands like Budweiser, Google and Target at some of the top agencies in the industry.

Our partners

hmbldt is supported by a network of strategic partners who represent the best in their field. The partner network is composed of industry leaders in cultivation, plant science, extraction, industrial design and device manufacturing and marketing and sales.

hmbldt’s advisory board

hmbldt has assembled global thought leaders in cannabis science and medicine to serve on our advisory board. The board meets regularly to share the latest advancements in cannabis science, share research and guide hmbldt’s product innovation.